RADIOGIRL on Dollard Radio – Oldambt, The Netherlands
Host/Producer/Engineer: Johanna J. Bodde
Available via live-stream at www.dollardradio.nl -  Mondays and Wednesdays 16h00-18h00 local time
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Playlist August 26th, 2013
Artist/Group, “Song”; Album (Label)
(1st hour)
The Habit, “Demons”; The Town We Live In (Reel To Reel Records, www.thehabitweb.com)
Oh My Darling, “Champ De Bataille”; EP Venez Danser (Self-Released/Hemifran,www.ohmydarling.ca)
Rod Balch, “Bootleg Valentine”; Fort Worth 76102 (NewTex Records)
Russ Tolman, “Los Angeles”; NEW CD-Single Los Angeles (Innerstate Records, http://www.amazon.com/Los-Angeles/dp/B00E3A649Y)
Jan Seides, “High Hopes For You”; Siren Song (Panda Productions/Hemifran,www.janseides.com)
Grady Yates, “99 Days”; A Thousand Horses (Prosper Bay Records/Bill Wence Promotions,www.gradyyates.com)
‘Vinyl Victory’:
Kris Kristofferson, “Stairway To The Bottom”; Spooky Lady’s Sideshow (Monument Records/CBS) *LP
Jason Daniels, “Take Me From The City”; Dashboard Visions & Rearview Reflections (Snortin’ Horse Records/KG Music Press, www.jasondanielsmusic.com)
Chauncey Bowers, “Last Thing I Remember”; Rumors Of Reason (Back 9 Records/Hemifran,www.straytrombone.com)
R.E.M., “Bad Day [live]“; Various Artists – Austin City Limits Music Festival 2003 Collection (New West Records)
Pedal Jets, “Conversations”; What’s In Between (Electric Moth Records/Hemifran,www.thepedaljets.com)
Arno Adams, “De Kunstenaer”; Maondaagmorgezon (Inbetweens Records)
Jessica Rydén, “I Got Life”; My Little Heart (Flarec/Hemifran, www.jessicaryden.se)
Randall Bramblett, “John The Baptist”; The Bright Spots (New West Records/Warner Benelux)
(2nd hour)
The Batten Family, “Ain’t Nobody Gonna Miss Me”; Sampler Acoustic Rainbow Volume 42 (Poetman Records, www.TheBattenFamily.net)
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus, “After The Dance”; The Great Unknown (Berkalin Records/Bill Wence Promotions, www.pattonbrokus.com)
Alias Means, “Before Too Long”; Light Matter (Self-Released/Hemifran,www.aliasmeansmusic.com)
Chris Pickering, “Broke My Own Heart”; EP Circles (Self-Released/Hemifran,www.chrispickering.net)
Nancy Cassidy, “Backwater Blue”; Memphis (Twitter Twatter Music/Bill Wence Promotions,www.NancyCassidyMusic.com)
Matt Stone, “Fifty Two”; Northern Lights (Self-Released/Hemifran, www.mattfolkmuse.com)
‘Tape Time’:
Chris Hillman and The Desert Rose Band, “Come A Little Closer”; A Dozen Roses – Greatest Hits (Curb Records) *cassette
Delbert McClinton & Glen Clark, “Sure Feels Good”; Delbert & Glen – Blind, Crippled and Crazy (New West Records/Warner Benelux)
The F & G Band featuring Sandra Taylor, “The Real Me”; Pass It On (Self-Released,www.fandgmusic.com)