Nashville Music News weighs in on the album..

“There’s nothing like stepping off a Lear Jet and onto a Silver Eagle to impress a young, musically curious mind,” says Jason Daniels, describing what it was like to visit with his Uncle George Richey and Aunt Tammy Wynette while she was on tour. Following the family tradition with his debut album “Dashboard Visions & Rearview Reflections,” Daniels offers up nine solo-penned songs plus one co-write, on a self-produced, Nashville-recorded collection that simmers in a Bakersfield-meets-The Band vibe, mixed with a soulful horn section, thick layers of B3 and sassy female background vocals.

The concept album looks at a Nashville he leaves behind and a life ahead in Jackson, Mississippi, where Daniels now lives. Vocals are raw and unkempt, ramblings on his off-the-scenic-route travelogue; they evoke the rusty rails and dusty windshields imagined along the way. Country blues-slapping train shuffle “Take Me From The City” meets up with another train tune later on – “Riding Back To Memphis” – where the artist adopts the persona of a remorseful killer about to turn himself in because, “for my crime I must pay.” Be it by car or by boat, every track is an homage of sorts to the traditional traveling song, which is actually the title of his final track (“Traveling Song”).

As the artist sees it, he simply hopes to inspire listeners to hit the road and explore their world. Bottom line (sorry for the pun) is, he wants “people to get off their asses and go experience life.” That’s as good a send-off as any. Go.