Great review from the UK’s Maverick Magazine!!
Jason Daniels – DASHBOARD VISIONS & REARVIEW REFLECTIONS (Self- released) HHHI This newcomer has music in his genes. His uncles George and Paul Richey were successful country songwriters with George also being one of Tammy Wynette’s husbands. Though he lived in Nashville for five years, Jason moved further south to Jackson, Mississippi a year or so back and the music here is the perfect crossroads of where country and soul meet. I’ve long been a big fan of country-soul. Wasn’t George Jones (who Paul Richey once managed) the greatest white soul singer of them all? Recorded in East Nashville, miles from Music Row, this is country music that is full of soul and grit with genuine blue collar dirt under its fingernails. The songs live up to the album title as they look forward with optimism and back with some regret. Well worth seeking this one out.