Full review from Rootstime in Belgium…….a few inaccuracies, but not bad I must say


With a title like Dashboard Visions And Rearview Reflections are the ambitions in advance all clear. Jason Daniels describes itself as “a new artist cut from old cloth” and that makes the curiosity even greater. The debut album can be seen as an introduction to a man who has his roots in the country deeply rooted. Because, Daniels grew up in Nashville in a family as it were breathed country. His uncles were none other than George and Paul Richey as producers knew great fame in the 70s. Uncle George was also married to Tammy Wynette and Uncle Paul wrote a hit for including Johnny Cash (The Barron). In short, for an artist no wrong habitat.

Daniels moved to Jackson, Mississippi, and it was there that he was hit by the blues and soul of the city and its surroundings. Dashboard Visions And Rearview Reflections is the result of all these influences on the life of Jason Daniels.

His ambitions with Dashboard Visions And Rearview Reflections met? Established that Daniels has a huge and unique songwriter talent. He creates a world untouched over lost loves, travel and the beautiful American landscape. The musical content is remarkable. The album contains a huge variety of styles and influences, from southern ‘rock to New Orleans funk and blues to pop and country, but this diversity is also the Achilles heel of the album. It leads me to regard the lack of a clear core or heart of the album and that’s a shame because the talent of Daniels is unmistakable.

The vocals of Jason Daniels knows its limitations and rubs occasionally against the limits of the possible, making some vocals make a forced impression. Musically speaking, however, to enjoy to speak of a successful project and the album also offers plenty sufficient basis for a nice sequel.

Ferenc Koolen