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Jason Daniels…3 special solo performances…a man, a guitar and you!

Join Jason Daniels for three special solo performances as he takes you, the audience, on a journey through the joys and pitfalls of a life well lived. Guitarist/singer-songwriter, Jason Daniels, will weave his road worn stories into his own inimitable blend of American Roots Music, which seamlessly blurs the lines between country, blues, rock, and funk. See the man and his guitar…

4.18.15 Fenian’s Pub, Jackson, MS
4.20.15 Dockside Tropical Cafe, Marathon, FL
4.21.15 Dockside Tropical Cafe, Marathon, FL
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Jason Daniels first performances in the Florida Keys!

Jason Daniels, American Roots Music guitarist/singer/songwriter and recording artist from Jackson, MS, will be making his first Florida Keys performances April 20 and 21, 2015 at 7pm at the Dockside Tropical Café (935 Sombrero Blvd., Marathon, FL).

Join Jason for these two special solo performances, as he sings songs about the joys and pitfalls of a life well lived, and weaves these road worn stories together with his own inimitable blend of American Roots Music. Put on your flips flops and enjoy a tropical drink on the dock as Jason’s unique blend of rock/soul/blues/jazz/country music takes you traveling on a honest, heartfelt reflection of a life well lived, and the ups and downs that go along with living life to the fullest.

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watch our show from 6/20 @ the Ole Tavern Jackson MS

Check out this You Tube video for the song “On the Hwy”

Here is a review from over in Dublin…

This debut release displays a confidence and swagger that bodes well for the road ahead. Recorded in Nashville with an impressive array of session musicians, the sound is full and rich with plenty of swirling keyboard and inventive piano playing to lift the arrangements, courtesy of Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd). We are also treated to a fine horn section and backup singers on a number of tracks and there is some very tasty guitar playing from Daniels himself, together with guest Kenny Olsen (Kid Rock).

Opening with You’re an Angel, a track that channels Van Morrison, the overall groove across ten songs reminds me of the Band. Sounding not unlike a young Levon Helm on a number of the songs is no bad thing and the swell of the arrangements is full of colour and warmth. Plenty to appeal then and the blues shuffle of Riding Back to Memphis sits very nicely alongside of the roots feel of I’ve Seen the World, a JJ Cale shuffle with attitude.

Nashville Music News weighs in on the album..

“There’s nothing like stepping off a Lear Jet and onto a Silver Eagle to impress a young, musically curious mind,” says Jason Daniels, describing what it was like to visit with his Uncle George Richey and Aunt Tammy Wynette while she was on tour. Following the family tradition with his debut album “Dashboard Visions & Rearview Reflections,” Daniels offers up nine solo-penned songs plus one co-write, on a self-produced, Nashville-recorded collection that simmers in a Bakersfield-meets-The Band vibe, mixed with a soulful horn section, thick layers of B3 and sassy female background vocals.

The concept album looks at a Nashville he leaves behind and a life ahead in Jackson, Mississippi, where Daniels now lives. Vocals are raw and unkempt, ramblings on his off-the-scenic-route travelogue; they evoke the rusty rails and dusty windshields imagined along the way. Country blues-slapping train shuffle “Take Me From The City” meets up with another train tune later on – “Riding Back To Memphis” – where the artist adopts the persona of a remorseful killer about to turn himself in because, “for my crime I must pay.” Be it by car or by boat, every track is an homage of sorts to the traditional traveling song, which is actually the title of his final track (“Traveling Song”).

As the artist sees it, he simply hopes to inspire listeners to hit the road and explore their world. Bottom line (sorry for the pun) is, he wants “people to get off their asses and go experience life.” That’s as good a send-off as any. Go.

Read the review from

With his background and musical pedigree, the music on Jason Daniels’ self-produced debut album could’ve sounded like a lot of things. Brothers George and Paul Richey were his uncles – both well-known figures in the Nashville music scene. George was, in fact, married to the legendary Tammy Wynette – and there’s nothing like riding on your aunt’s big ol’ Silver Eagle tour bus to get a young lad’s mind a’spinning about what he wants to be when he grows up.Combine those Nashvillian influences with a childhood spent in CA’s Napa Valley (exposed to everything from psychedelicized jams to Marin County country rock) and years of travel that bounced from European adventures to crashing on Bob Weir’s couch … you couldn’t help but gather up a wild and powerful array of influences to tap and stories to tell.Jason Daniels has channeled it all into music totally his own – a blend of rock/soul/blues/jazz/country with a classic Muscle Shoals vibe as its backbone. In fact, regardless of all the people and places documented in Daniels’ bio, the name that comes to mind when listening to Dashboard Visions & Rearview Reflections is that of the late Eddie Hinton. Years ago, Keith Richards used to lug a copy of Hinton’s Very Extremely Dangerous album in his satchel to turn friends onto; the Drive-by Truckers paid tribute to Hinton with a cover of his “Everybody Needs Love” on 2011’s Go-Go Boots ; he played on sessions with everyone from Wilson Pickett and Aretha Franklin to Boz Scaggs and Toots Hibbert. Jason Daniels has captured the essence of Hinton’s country soul and combined it with flecks of flavorings from his own experiences: the result is some powerful music that sets damn easy on the ears while giving your heartstrings gentle tugs.The album’s mood is set immediately with “You’re An Angel”: thick, buttery horns lay down the tune’s hook while the bass (Jason Kott), hand percussion (Jeff Boggs) and drums (Jeff Fowlkes) burble along; Daniels launches sweet little riffs from his guitar that blend nicely with Peter Keys’ lush B3. You’re already settled in with the windows rolled down by the time Daniels’ begins testifying ‘bout the woman who’s saved him with her presence. There are no superheroes or heroines in Daniels’ tunes – just real folks with real hearts and souls – which it keeps it all real. By the time Daniels hits the song’s bridge (with lovely background vox by Barb Paugh), you know what the score is – and if you had any doubts, Doug Thomas’ sax solo that follows signs, seals, and delivers the deal: this is how you wear your heart on your sleeve in the coolest of ways.“Take Me From The City” does just that with a legs-dangling-off-the-tailgate bounce; “Riding Back to Memphis” takes that rhythm to a totally different place, chugging along beneath a full moon with hellhounds not all that far behind. (Pay attention to Kott’s big-assed bass thumping up against the spiraling keyboards on the outro – that’s some kinda nasty right there.) “I’ve Seen The World” name-drops Tom Waits and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott as it stomps along – and for good reason.Saxophonist Thomas arranged the horn parts that he, trombonist Diego Vasquez, and trumpeter Fredrick Weathersby lay down on the opener and two other tracks. The trio provides support on “Actions and Consequences” while Daniels explains just how things work (there’s always time to reflect when you’re sitting in a jail cell); on “Deaf Smith County” the horns step in at key moments to underline a phrase or emotion. Both those tunes feature tasty (and tasteful) guitar breaks by Daniels that serve the songs’ stories well. “Wide Open Spaces” is big and bold, but as real as a flannel shirt; “Early In The Morning” features some fierce picking swap-offs between Daniels and guest Kenny Olson; and the long glide halfway through “On The Hwy” allows the band to simply grove and jam for a bit (one could easily imagine some fine explorations in a live setting).When Barb Paugh isn’t joining voices with Daniels, Mary Richardson is. Her vox on the album-closing “Traveling Song” adds the perfect touches of real-as-hell beauty and smiling weariness to take things home. “Get to know your country before it falls,” advise Daniels and Richardson. “Go on out and see it with your own eyes.”Tell you what: if you can’t get out and roll for yourself, Jason Daniels’ Dashboard Visions & Rearview Reflections will take you on a pretty good trip, all on its own.*****Brian Robbins sits mending his flannel shirt over at

You’re an Angel to be screened at the Crossroads Film Festival

You’re an Angel has been selected to screen in the 2014 Crossroads Film Festival here in Jackson MS on April 3rd!!

DVRR Makes Jamband Chart for December!!

1. Anders Osborne Peace
2. Brushfire Stankgrass Microclimates
3. BIG Something BIG Something
4. Electric Soul Pandemic Communications
5. Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band Onward!
6. Arcade Fire Reflektor
7. Infamous Stringdusters Road To Boulder EP
8. Thiefs Thiefs
9. Dream Logic Dream Logic
10. Tedeschi Trucks Band Made Up Mind
11. John Mayock & The Homesteaders Anticipation Grows
12. Brian Haas & Matt Chamberlain Frames
13. Arctic Monkeys AM
14. Wood Brothers The Muse
15. White Denim Corsicana Lemonade
16. Devil Makes Three _ I’m A Stranger Here_
17. Deep Dark Woods Jubilee
18. Steven Graves Time Will Tell
19. Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Fight
20. Gov’t Mule Shout!
21. All The Locals II
22. 10 Ft. Ganja Plant Skycatcher
23. AlyCat Cat Lady
24. Rob Drabkin Little Steps
25. Mickey Hart Band Superorganism
26. Marvelous Funkshun Marvelous Funkshun
27. Lotus Build
28. Jason Daniels Dashboard Visions & Rearview Reflections
29. Blind Boys Of Alabama I’ll Find A Way
30. Billie Joe and Norah Lightning ExpressReporting Stations

12.18.2013..JDB will be celebrating the World Video Premier of “YOU’RE AN ANGEL” at Hal and Mal’s